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We are addicted to Tsum Tsum - vinyl and plush!

Welcome to Play, Live, Repeat - this is a blog focusing on parenting two cute boys in NYC. It all started as Tubey Toys - a vlog on YouTube that focused on unboxing videos and making silly skits. Play, Live, Repeat is the oldest brother of Tubey Toys that pays their bills on time. Thanks for stopping by!

For honest toy reviews, mommy mutterings and rants, kid-friendly crafts, parenting tips, everything Disney and Disney-Pixar, vacation guides, and more, follow Play, Live, Repeat blog! 

Our blog focuses on our parenting adventures, fun stuff to do with your kiddos, honest toy reviews, and other chatter about parenting. We are not paid for mentioning any products unless specified. We just love toys and showcasing that to the world through our YouTube channel and our blog. We feel that getting down to the level of our kids helps promote imaginative play and builds his social skills. 

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