Saturday, November 25, 2023

LuminoCity Light Festival Returns to Long Island With Wonder Journey

Long Island is even brighter once again! LuminoCity returns with the 2023 Holiday Lights Festival, Wonder Journey, at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, New York. The festival is running now through Jan. 7, 2024, from Thursdays through Mondays from 4:30 to 9:30 PM. 

Who doesn't love a light display, especially a light show so rich in theming and storytelling? 

LuminoCity Wonder Journey boasts a colorful and bright display of scenes and characters telling the stories of the beloved story of Alice in Wonderland, an underwater theme through the lens of the Long Island Children's Museum, and the wondrous journey ends in a rich display of Christmas and winter flair that will delight guests young and old. 

Visiting LuminoCity Wonder Journey should be added to your list of things to do on the weekends leading up to the holiday, or take the kids during the Christmas break. You can reserve your tickets now! 

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Super Mario Bros Wonder Launches at Midnight October 20 + Nintendo Store Launch Party

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Splash Screen
Photo Courtesy: Nintendo 

It's finally here! The release of Super Mario Bros Wonder comes with the same excitement that I had when Super Mario Bros 3 came out so long ago. This time, we have the Switch mechanics with classic side-scrolling and just loads of fun! Super Mario Bros Wonder really is so much fun to play! Here's everything you need to know about this fun video game!

Super Mario Bros Wonder Print
Photo Courtesy: Nintendo 
While supplies last, fans can receive this limited edition framed print from the Nintendo Store NYC launch.

When does Super Mario Bros. Wonder come out?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder for the Nintendo Switch comes out Friday, October 20, 2023 at midnight. Hardcore fans can buy it in the Nintendo Switch eShop,  pick up at a midnight launch, or buy it the day of at local retailers like Target, Best Buy, Game Stop, and Walmart. You can also purchase the game from

Receive a free sticker set with your purchase from Game Stop

What is Super Mario Bros. Wonder all about?

Well, if it's the classic sidescrolling mixed with the modern tech of the Nintendo Switch that you crave, then Super Mario Bros. Wonder is for you. With cooperative gameplay, up to four players can explore this new world outside of the Mushroom Kingdom together. The Flower Kingdom is chock full of surprises, like Wonder Flowers that will transform your level into chaos and wonder! Players can hop on bubbles, navigate gameboards à la Bomberman-style, and even explore the world as a goomba! 

There are eight characters to choose from in Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Super Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toads, Toadette, Yoshi, and Nabbit. Characters can also transform into a variety of playable costumes called Power-Ups. Eat an Elephant Fruit to turn into an adorable elephant that squeezes his way into warp pipes. Eat a drill mushroom to drill through the ground or ceiling to explore new places. Eat a bubble flower to blow bubbles to defeat the baddies, or to pounce on them throughout the level. Playing Yoshi or Nabbit is great for younger players, they just don't transform like the other players.

If you buy Super Mario Bros. Wonder from Walmart, you can get a free trading card set with your purchase.

Can I Super Mario Bros. Wonder online?

I am so glad that you asked! Yes! You can play Super Mario Bros. online with up to 12 players in a co-op room, and up to four players in a single course. There are other online game modes that leave an apparition of your character to help other players take the correct route. There is also a mode where you can leave a standee of your character for other online players to use to revive themselves. 

Photo Courtesy: Nintendo 

Super Mario Bros Wonder Ratings

Already, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is already scoring high from IGN calling it a "proper Super Mario World sequel," which definitely sounds about right. We got to play it last month at the Nintendo Holiday Showcase in NYC, and we had a blast! The transforming worlds allows for dazzling colors and graphics to swirl and twirl throughout the screen just delighting is from start to finish. We look forward to playing at home soon!

Today we will be at the Nintendo Store at NYC for the launch party celebrating Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Fans can come to the Nintendo Store at 10 Rockefeller Plaza at 5:30 PM to celebrate the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder! We hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Target Introduces Disney100 Retro Reimagined Toy Line

Disney fans and Target shoppers will love the latest collaboration slated to release on November 5, 2023. With nearly 140 Disney100 Retro Reimagined products created, this collection is going to be affordable, magical, and collectible. 

You can pre-order some of the collection now, and I would strongly urge you to do so! Funko has items available for pre-order now, and they include Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Disney Princess, Marvel, and more. The Boba Fett Disney100 Retro Reimagined Funko Pop! pre-order has already sold out!

Pixar Fans will absolutely go bonkers for the new Pixar collection from the Disney100 Retro Reimagined line.

Check out the Woody & Buzz Lightyear Celebration 2-pack with Disney100 Retro Reimagined packaging. Disney Pixar Disney100 Retro Reimagined Lite-Brite has Pixar character sheets to illuminate and display!  

The Disney100 Retro Reimagined line will also include Fisher-Price Little People of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, Sippers and Mugs by Zak! with cool designs, Nutcrackers of Mickey Mouse, Disney100 ornaments, stockings, and snow globes.  

The Disney100 Retro Reimagined Princess Ariel doll will also be released on November 5, 2023. Doll collectors will love the new Princess Ariel doll that has styled hair, a holiday-themed plaid bow, and gorgeous outfit intricate details. 

The doll is a Target Exclusive, and there may be even more dolls added to the collection, so stay tuned to my blog for more information. 

Disney100 Retro Reimagined has more Disney Princess-themed merchandise like a holiday stocking fit for a Princess with embroidered details and pop art of Disney Princesses on the fabric. There is also a Princess Tiana Disney100 Target Exclusive Funko Pop! that is available for pre-order now. 

Star Wars fans will be clamoring for the newest additions to the Disney100 Retro Reimagined line. With Target Exclusive Funko Pop! to comic book style stockings, there are plenty of goodies that are simply out of this world. 

You can pre-order the R2-D2 & C3PO collection now!

Disney100 Retro Reimagined also includes Marvel products spanning across the entire Marvel universe. With holiday stockings with pop art style artwork, and velvety soft embroidery at the fold, Marvel fans will love this collection. You can also pre-order Captain America and Black Panther Funko Pop!s now!

Other items from the Disney100 Retro Reimagined collection will include Disney Tsum Tsum, clothing, home goods, and more collectibles for Disney fans for this holiday season!

What do you think of the Target Exclusive Disney100 Retro Reimagined collection? Products will drop November 5, 2023! 

2023 Target Top Toys List Most Affordable Toy List Ever!

The 2023 Bullseye’s Top Toys list has been released! The Target Top Toy List for 2023 is deemed as the most affordable toy list ever with toys starting at $7.99. 

This is the cheapest item ($7.99) in the Target Top Toy List. Historically, my videos with Pop It Pets are very popular,  so it is HOT! Kids love fidgets, and this toy adds a collectible factor along with an interactive experience. Plus, it comes with a tag to hang the fidgets for popping on the go!

Target has also announced a partnership with Disney to celebrate Disney's 100th anniversary with Disney100 Retro Reimagined collection launching Nov. 5. This collection will comprise of nearly 140 one-of-a-kind toys co-designed with FAO Schwarz and most under $25. Please check out my blog post with more information on the Disney100 Retro Reimagined Collection by Target.

Target has also introduced its immersive 360-degree online shopping experience where Target shoppers can peruse items from Target's toy list. You can still shop the traditional way online, but this new immersive experience is so smooth! 

Click on an item, and more information about the product will pop up. You can also "imagine" the product in your home by clicking the link below the product, and the service will prompt you through. 

Read on with my top toy picks to maximize savings with the current Target Circle offers, and my picks from my reviews from 2023. 

The selection is chock full of goodies!! Here are some of my shopping tips to save BIG on Holiday toys this year. 

Target Circle days also have great savings on toys until October 7, 2023. Check the Target app or your email for additional savings with Target Circle. Sometimes you can get BONUS shopping credit with Target Circle in the form of a Target gift card! 

Save 5% with your Target Red Card (credit card or link your debit). Also, check the Target app to see the online prices, sometimes the prices are higher in store and Target team members will price match the Target or other competitors if the product is in stock at that store. 

✨Save $25 when you spend $100

✨Save $10 when you spend $50

Shop smart, and make multiple purchases to maximize your savings! Pair a large item with a small item to meet the minimum, and then check out. 

The toys below are big-ticket items that can be paired with smaller sets to help provide huge savings this holiday season!

Melissa & Doug Vending Machine 

This toy is so fun! For an engaging play experience, the Melissa & Doug Vending Machine provides open-ended pretend play! $79.99 

Disney Princess Play Date Dolls 

Beautiful, pretend play-ready dolls offer lots of cool details for Disney Princesses to imagine and play at home. $69.99 online 

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage Dragon Playset 

We have the Dinosaur set, and it rocks. If you want a similar version with the height and width of an epic Hot Wheels set, you have to check out this one! $109.99 online 

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road  

We have this set, and it just rocks! The set can be set up two different ways to create a cool track. $149.99 online

Disney 100 Disney Doorables Celebration of Wonder set with shelf 

This set is gorgeous! With 20 exclusive Disney Doorables with a special 100th Anniversary finish, collectors of Doorables will love this collection! $49.99

MEGA Bloks Forest Pokémon Center  

This amazing set has 648 pieces! I absolutely love this set, because it has so many hidden surprises! There are articulated pieces that bring each Pokemon life. Pikachu and Togepi can dance, Chansey welcomes you to the Pokemon Center, and Eevee is there too. $59.99 online

MEGA Butterfree 

This magical playset perfect for any Pokemon trainer. Pokemon Trainers will appreciate the articulation and intricate design of Ash's first caught Pokemon. $64.99 online

Stocking Stuffers are always a plus! It's a great time to buy smaller items when Target is offering a toy promotion. 

Target Bullseye 10” Plush is an exclusive, so he’ll be a collectible, eventually! $9.99 online

DC Micro Minis are on sale for half off! Normally they are $4.99, but this week they are $2.49 each! You get two collectible DC Micro Minis in each box.

Baby Secrets toys are always such a great stocking stuffer! Water reveal is always fun! 

Polly Pocket pack sets are so cool because they don’t include the house, you can now add on to your miniature world with new friends and accessories

Trolls Band Together toys have blind bags at $4.99 each! 

Check out my videos for demos, and my posts for more gift ideas for Holiday 2023! 

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