Thursday, May 9, 2024

Harry Potter: The Exhibition™ Ends Historic Run In NYC With a Bang!

No need for a Time-Turner! Harry Potter: The Exhibition™ has extended its run in New York City for the final time until August 11, 2024 with lots of exciting magical moments in store for fans

We got to experience Harry Potter: The Exhibition in October 2023, and we are so happy the Exhibition is here to stay until summer 2024! We had such an amazing time! Check out my Know Before You Go post where it cites lots of helpful tips to help make your experience even more magical. 

A full year has passed, and there have been new additions to Harry Potter: The Experience making its finale run extraordinary. 

Adult Muggles and Wizards Only

Need a night away from the kids? Do you relate to Professor Umbridge and just have a natural dislike for children? Enjoy a quiet evening with the After Hours Night on select nights through July 2024. This special evening is exclusive to guests 18 and over, this offering includes a complimentary beverage, cocktail (with proper 21+ ID), mocktail or soda and snack before they can explore the exhibition at their own pace.  The After Hours Nights are May 16, June 20 and July 18, 2024 from 6 - 9 PM EST, so book your evening of fun and everything Harry Potter now! Check out my videos featuring Harry Potter: The Exhibition to get a sneak peek of what to expect.  

Sensory Inclusive Experience

My nephew has Sensory Processing Disorder, so I have witnessed firsthand what can happen when he gets overly sensitive to stimuli. Even though I found the Harry Potter: The Exhibition to be quite relaxing and emitting just enough light to cure the senses, this experience may affect our SPD friends differently. To manage this, Harry Potter: The Exhibition™ has partnered with KultureCity® which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating sensory-inclusive experiences for individuals. Harry Potter fans with sensory processing disorders can now enjoy the experience without interruption any time. The exhibition also has been certified as KultureCity®’s Sensory Inclusive™ site guaranteeing all visitors the opportunity to enjoy a more sensory-inclusive journey at any time. In addition to sensory-friendly experiences for all, a new accommodation was implemented to the exhibition called "Sensory Sundays" that guarantees an enjoyable experience. If you go on "Sensory Sundays," you can expect to find sound and lighting adjustments,  KultureCity® Sensory Bags, reduced capacity, minimized smells and sounds, and quiet spaces throughout the galleries.  

KultureCity® Sensory Bags will also be readily available, equipped with strobe reduction glasses, noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, and other items aimed at reducing sensory overload and encouraging engagement with the exhibits. 

Sensory Sundays at Harry Potter: The Exhibition will occur every first Sunday of the month from 9-11 AM EST on May 5, June 2, July 14 and August 4, 2024.

Must-See Tourist Attraction! 

New York City is a city that never sleeps, and even though this exhibition is not 24 hours a day, it is available to visit seven days per week. Nestled in the heart of Herald Square, NYC, there are plenty of things to do. 

Here's a sample morning and afternoon for NYC visitors from a real New Yorker!
  • Buy a timed ticket online for Harry Potter: The Exhibition (for parties of four - family 4-pack tickets are $20 per ticket + tax = $108.88). Allow yourself about 2-3 hours to experience the galleries and gift shop. Time will fly by! Trust me! I would recommend that you purchase an 11 AM ticket. We walked around the gift shop for an hour alone! There are a lot of exclusive items that you will not be able to get anywhere else!
  • If you wake up early, you can walk around the city before the commuters arrive. You'll see some joggers, bikers, and the homeless hanging around, but no one will bother you. Keep looking up - do not look down at your phone. **Have a destination in place before you leave your hotel.** Stay to the right when walking to keep the flow of traffic moving. 
  • Get breakfast at a NYC diner -- I recommend Tick Tock Diner for a classic NYC diner (big portions and really good food!), or if you want an elevated dining experience, then check out Friedman's Herald Square)
  • Head to Harry Potter: The Exhibition to line up for your timed ticket. There's a 30-minute window, so don't rush!-
  • After the experience, check out Macy's windows, and visit the seventh floor to see the new Toys R Us store inside of Macy's! 
  • Since you're in the center of it all, you can head to Times Square up 34th Street, stay on Sixth Avenue and walk toward Bryant Park (42nd), and if you walk up further, you will find Rockefeller Center (FAO Schwarz and Nintendo World NYC are there!). You can grab ca quick lunch at the Shops at Rockefeller Center. It's going to be busy, so maybe skip lunch! Then head to 5th Avenue to see iconic Saks Fifth Avenue, and visit the new LEGO store! 
  • Depending on where you end up, try and finish your afternoon at Central Park. Take photos à la Kevin McAllister in front of The Plaza, and then take a walk through the park to take magical photos using all of the cool merch that you picked up at Harry Potter: The Exhibition!

Are you going to visit Harry Potter: The Exhibition in New York before it closes August 11, 2024? When you go, you'll join two million guests across seven cities who also got to play Quidditch, activate a portkey, see Mad-Eye Moody's eyeball in Umbridge's office door, get sorted by the Sorting Hat, see real movie props and clothing, and so much more! 

The interactive, record-breaking exhibition created and developed by Imagine Exhibitions, in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, and EMC Presents, is conveniently located in the heart of Herald Square in Midtown on the corner of 34th and 6th Ave and is easily accessible via Penn Station, Port Authority, or subway. 

Buy your timed tickets or flex tickets now before this show is gone from New York City forever! Let me know in the comments if you have visited Harry Potter: The Exhibition.


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