Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Toy Reveal! Bluey Toys 2023 Hitting Shelves This Summer 2023

Fans of Bluey will be pleased to know that the universe for Bluey toys is expanding. From playsets to games, Bluey fans will have plenty to do this summer! 

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Moose Toys revealed new Bluey toys due to come out this summer 2023. 

The Bluey episode, Hammerbarn, was a relatable store experience, especially for parents and kids. Kids don't always like going to the store, but a store like Hammerbarn, a place chock full of sights, sounds, and ways to expand the imagination, Hammerbarn is a no-brainer for the next large playset by Moose Toys.  

Please excuse my photo quality -- I took screenshots from a Moose Toys Zoom meeting! I will update my blog with proper glam shots soon!

This set features lights, sounds, hidden doorways, a spiral lift, and a proper lift (elevator) that is kid-powered. 

From what I saw, there will be a proper "husband" gnome, but I am not sure if it is Hecuba or Telemachus. It would be funny if it was just Telemachus. Poor Hecuba.

I love the pizza oven! This episode prompted me to look into buying a pizza oven! I hope to have one this summer. If only I had neighbors like Bandit and Pat to share it with. 

This set comes with Bluey and Bingo with specialized artwork on their clothes. 

From Bandit's envy of Pat's (Lucky's Dad) new pizza oven to the shopping with husbands, Hecuba and Telemachus, the episode Hammerbarn is definitely one to remember.

The Bluey Hammerbarn playset will be available at all major retailers August 2023 for $69.99. It is available on Amazon now!. The price tag is actually pretty decent considering the play value, multiple levels, figures, nostalgia of the episode, and more!

Moose Toys has some fun games from Spontuneous to their new game, Flipside, so I am really excited to see a new game dedicated to Bluey! 

What was the first episode of Bluey that you were introduced to? Ours was, of course, Keepy Uppy! 

Keepy Uppy is the episode Chilli tried to keep the girls occupied with a game of Keepy Uppy, the object of the game was to throw around a red balloon and keep it off the ground. The object the Keepy Uppy tabletop game has the same idea! As the red balloon spins around the platform, you have to hit the lever to "throw" the balloon back in the air! If it touches the ground, a "POP" coin flies out of the platform! You only get three chances until you're out of the game, so Keepy Uppy! 

The Keepy Uppy Game is for ages four and up, and is for three to four players. You can find the Keepy Uppy Game this August 2023 at retailers nationwide.

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What are you hoping to see down the Moose Toys pipeline for Bluey? I feel like they have really hit the nail on the head with many of their Bluey toys allowing for a rich and creative play experience! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. Is that white truck and figure coming out as well? I’ve see the Hammerbarn set on Amazon but without a truck. That part is super cute!


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