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30+ Easter Gift Ideas For Kids! Easter 2023 Gift Guide

Easter would not be complete without the overflowing basket of goodies! I have a wonderful list of items to fill a basket with useful and fun items to keep little ones and big kids entertained. Keep these gift ideas in mind for Easter, birthdays, and beyond!


First we need a vessel for all of these goodies! I found a great sized basket from Five Below. What I love about this particular basket is that I can reuse it for storage—from books to toys. You can even get a colorful, large storage bin from the Dollar Tree to gift Easter gifts in. Don’t forge, you will also need cellophane, grass, and some eggs to hide miniature toys in. You can find all of these on Amazon as well!

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How cute is this?!

Let’s get to filling! To make it easy, I separated my toy selections by category. Some toys were gifted to me, but please know all opinions are my own. I sincerely try to include products that are budget friendly as well as toys that hold play value. This whole gift guide contains affiliate links; thank you for your support! One more thing, the prices are not the same, I’ve listed actual retail price—pretty much everything listed here is on sale now! 

Books, Puzzles, Games

Praying with My Fingers, Inspired by Pope Francis, is a wonderful kid-friendly book focusing on how to pray. My late grandmother gifted this book to my son one Easter. I absolutely loved it and thought it was so kid-friendly. Religion and the power of prayer is hard to grasp for little ones, so this is a very easy to understand book for children. Amazon $8.99 

The Story of Easter, by Jenn Miller is a classic book from a Little Golden Book collection. This book provides a child-friendly account of Jesus's final days. Children are gently walked through the Last Supper, Jesus carrying the cross, and more. Amazon $3.99 

Bunny Mini Maker Tube is a 70-piece tube of interlocking pieces that can create an Easter egg and Easter bunny. The interlocking tiles provide stem learning and creative play. Plus Plus, Amazon $7.99 

Tactile Turtles Math Activity Set is a great way for kids to hone their Maths skills, color learning, and even tactile play! These adorable turtles are also different sizes, so kids can learn spatial awareness as well. Hand2Mind Amazon $21.99 

Number Blocks Memory Match Game is based off the widely popular TV show where kids are taken on a numerical journey! This match game includes 80 tiles with four different types allowing for a fun mathematical gaming experience. This game is great for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners! Hand2Mind, Amazon $9.99 

Kid-Friendly Tech

Sesame Street Learn with Elmo Phone Just Play Toys, Amazon Target $9.99 


RUKUSfx Motion-Controlled Music Mixer is a fun tech toy that gets kids up and moving! With multiple sound effects, music choices, and cool motion controller, kids will love rocking out to RUKUSfx. Just Play Toys, Amazon $49.99 


Sky Viper Force Hover Sphere Drone Skyrocket, Target $22.99 

Lite-Brite Mini-X Connect Basic Fun! Toys, Target, Amazon, Meijer and Barnes & Noble

Educational Toys & Sensory Play 

Playfoam Easter Set features a fun and unique way to incorporate sensory and tactile play with cute Easter themed shapes. Playfoam never dries out, can be shaped, molded, stretched, squished, and even use it to color! Check out my video here to see what you can do with Playfoam! Educational Insights, Amazon $19.99 (sold as a 4-pack)

Playfoam Eggs combines sensory play with the element of surprise! Plus you get a shaped egg to store your Playfoam in once playtime is paused. You also get a surprise toy inside the Playfoam. Educational Insights, Amazon $12.99 (sold as a 4-pack) 

Playsand Ice cream Sundae Set includes two colors, ice cream sundae accessories, tools, and recipes to create your own ice cream shop! I especially love the containers to keep the components inside, plus the box itself should be kept to enhance pretend play. Education Insights Amazon $21.99 

Miniverse Make it Mini Food are satisfying to unbox from start to finish! Inside are miniature collectible foods that have real gooey components. Think syrup for pancakes, jam for toast, etc. MGA Amazon $9.97 

Pia the Fill & Spill PiƱata is perfect for honing fine motor skills, color learning, tactile play, and number learning. Kids will love the look of Pia, she is so colorful and so fun to fill! Spill out the candy, and count and play all over again. Learning Resources Amazon $16.65 

Imaginative Play, Collectibles, Dolls, and Plush

Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary CAPTIVZ Capsules are surprise eggs with pop n’lock figural dinosaurs famous from the original Jurassic Park movie, and each egg includes slime, so there is also a layer of sensory play. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this June 2023, Jurassic Park, is one of the most memorable and iconic films in modern cinema. As a young girl, I remember popping in the VHS tape and was enamored from start to finish. Just the idea of pulling DNA from a mosquito was beyond my wildest imagination. New fans of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World will be able to step aside their own world of discovery with the Jurassic Park CAPTIVZ collection. Toy Monster International, Walmart $4.99 Slime Egg  

Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Build to Battle Surprise Egg Walmart $9.99 

Elephant TeePee is a whimsical tent that provides next level pretend and imaginative play The canvas printed elephant tent is just too cute. The giant elephant ears make this tent realistic, along with the elephant trunk tent door! This tent is very easy to put together, and requres no tools. It also has a carrying case for easy transport. My sons actually love playing in the tent, and so does our family cat, Skiddles. There is a little square window on each side of the tent., Amazon $98.50

Bluey toys collection is number one on my list of toys to give little ones, because everyone loves Bluey! Check out some options below that are all sure to be a hit! 

The Show 4-figure pack including Chilli, Bandit, Bluey, and Bingo all dressed in their best dancing costumes Moose Toys, Amazon $13.39 

Bluey Garbage Truck with Bluey and Bin Man based off of the episode Bin Night. Moose Toys Amazon $18.49

Bluey Tree Playset inspiring the story of Fairies. Kids can recreate Rug Island, Stumpfest, and more memorable Bluey episodes. This set comes with Bluey as a fairy, a fairy, and table and stools. Moose Toys Amazon, Walmart , Target $29.99

My Fuzzy Friends: The Snuggling Bunny Skyrocket Toys, Amazon $24.99 

Care Bears Micro Plush Basic Fun! Toys, Walmart $3.97 

Misfittens Wave 2 Basic Fun! Toys, Amazon Walmart Meijer $9.99  

Disney Doorables Multi Peek Series 9 includes charatcers from Dusney and Pixar films like Zootopia, Turning Red, A Bug's Life, and more! Disney Doorables are one of our favorite collectibles. Just Play Toys, Amazon Target Walmart $11.99

Curlimals are cuddly and adorable plush! They are the perfect size for the Easter basket or for a larger Easter egg! Basic Fun! Toys, Amazon $19.99

Naturalistas Peety Deluxe Crown and Coils Styling Head captures the beauty of the Naturalistas dolls! Now fans of Naturalistas can style their own styling head at home! Just Play Toys/Purpose Toys, Amazon $29.99 

Beastie Buds are snarky and HUNGRY interactive plants. You have never seen toys like this before! These funny interactive plants are real beasts to take care of but they are so fun to collect! Skyrocket, Amazon $15.99 

Sesame Street Dino Stomp Elmo doll is super cute, and the perfect toy for dinosaur loving fans of Elmo! Just Play Toys, Amazon Walmart $32.99

Disney 100 Surprise Capsule is perfect for Disney and Pixar fans. Each capsule provides an immersive unboxing experience. There are also 14 characters to collect spanning across Disney’s 100 years of animation. YuMe Toys, Amazon $26.99 (sold as a 2-pack) 

Easter time, the celebration of renewal, the Spring Equinox, the resurrection of Christ, and the arrival of the Easter Bunny. What are your plans this Easter holiday? Let me know in the comments!

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