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Super Mario Bros. 2 Movie Officially Announced by Nintendo for MAR10 Day!

Super Mario Bros 2 was announced by Nintendo legend, Shigero Miyamoto, and Illumination's Chris Meledandri.

Ain't that a kick in the turtle shell? Daylight Savjngs has stolen an hour of our sleep, and Nintendo will be stealing our hearts, once again. Super Mario Bros 2 was announced this morning with a special announced by game developer legend, Shigero Miyamoto, and Illumination's founder and CEO, Chris Meledandri. The new animated sequel will take us on another adventure, possibly outside of the Mushroom Kingdom,  as  Princess Peach foreshadowed in the first film, "There's a huge universe out there. With a lot of galaxies." Oh, we know, Peach, we know!

I am looking forward to the release of Super Mario Bros 2, which will debut in the US and other undisclosed locations on April 3, 2026, and other markets through April 2026. Meledandri mentioned that the Illumination team wanted to get the sequel "just right." I'm all about that! Thank you, Nintendo, Shigero-son, and Illumination for bringing our childhoods from the small screen to the big screen.

To jump-start the Super Mario Bros 2 festivities, let's take a look at all of the cool products that are out now, and coming soon to commemorate this news!

Super Mario Bros Wonder for the Nintendo Switch was voted the best family game of 2023! AmazonGameStop, Walmart $54.99 

Watch Super Mario Bros Wonder gameplay on my YouTube channel!

Mario vs. Donkey is such a fun game! You may remember this wonderful game from the Game Boy Advance, and now it is reimagined for the Switch. The levels are fun, fast-paced, and really thrive when you're playing with a friend! GameStop, Walmart, Amazon, Target $49.99

Watch Mario vs. Donkey gameplay on my YouTube channel

Princess Peach has a solo game coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 22. We got to preview the new Prince Peach Showtime at the recent Nintendo Mom event, and it looks like so much fun! Check out my blohg post, and video to see what's in store for our favorite 8-bit Princess! Pre-order Princess Peach Showtime now at Nintendo, GameStop, Walmart, Amazon, or Target! If you pre-order from Walmart, you will be able to get two exclusive Princess Peach hair scrunchies!

To celebrate MAR10 Day, I rounded up the coolest LEGO Super Mario sets to buy before the release of the new LEGO Super Mario sets coming this August, and the teased LEGO Super Mario Kart sets coming in 2025! Check out my recent LEGO MAR10 Day blog post!

LEGO® Super Mario™ The Bowser Express Train $119.99 | 1392 pieces | Ages 9+ Coming August 2024

Get your snacks ready, and press START! I've got more cool Super Mario-themed goodies to show your Super Mario-loving spirit!

Pop Up Super Mario game provides a lot of gameplay in just one game! Players have to insert the coin sticks to prevent Mario from popping up! The player with the most coins wins. Amazon $17.99 Ages 4+

Watch the full gameplay and instructions on how to play on my YouTube channel.  

Pirahna Plant Escape features the character that's been around since the beginning! That pesky Pirahna Plant is popping up from his pipe and does not want to let you pass. To play, roll the die, and don't get bit! This game is so fun, and not only will provide lots of laughs (and maybe some NES PTSD), but it's a great collector piece. Perfect for display and play, enjoy the high-quality collectible game pieces that are interchangeable with Epoch Super Mario games. EpochAmazon | MSRP $24.99 Ages 4+ 

Blow Up! Shaky Tower features seven different familiar Super Mario characters including Mario, Luigi, Red Toad, Yellow Toad, Yoshi, Boo and Goomba. The object of the game is to balance as many characters as you can on the ledges all whole making the ball drop. The kicker is that no one can fall, if any of the figures fall off, you lose! This is a great balancing game that will improve your fine motor skills! Remember, this includes collectible figures that can be interchanged with other Epoch Super Mario sets! Play this game solo or with more players to make it a game night! Epoch | Amazon MSRP $24.99 Ages 4+

Playing each level of Super Mario Bros has always been a beautiful balancing act. If you run to fast, you may fall off of the ledge in the underworld. If you swim too fast, you may hit a Blooper and lose! The collection of Super Mario Balancing Games are simple, fast-play games that are fun to play and to display. There are three sets to launch the line, and I hope more come out! It would be great to see a water world board or a desert board. 

Each themed set (ground, underground, and castle) each comes with color-coded balancing beams, die, and characters. You can take all three sets and link them up to create a cool balancing act and to make the gameplay slightly trickier. The object of the game is to continually move the figures without having any of them fall. If you do, guess what, you're out of lives! Epoch $12.99 each | Amazon each theme varies Ground | Underground | Castle or buy all three for $39.99 

Aquabeads Super Mario Creation Cube is a collectible crafter's dream, especially if they like to use Aquabeads! This set comes neatly packaged in a coin or Princess Daisy-inspired box (I'm not sure what look they were going for here), and inside are 2500 intricate Aquabeads with different facets and star shapes for a unique texture. The set comes with everything that you need to create a range of different characters in trendy pixelated designs that die-hard Super Mario fans will know and love! Epoch | Amazon MSRP $39.99 Ages 4+

If you crave to create Super Mario Aquabeads but with a smaller set, opt for the Super Mario Character Set, it includes the powerful nostalgia of Super Mario and friends all neatly packaged in a colorful box! This set has fun art work to turn into pixelated Aquabeads, bu they are not as detailed as the Suepr Mario Character Cube! I would highly recommend purchasing both sets together to create the ultimate gift! Epoch | Amazon MSRP $12.99 Ages 4+


Let's just hope that the Super Mario sequel wasn't all just a dream. Har har har I'm old. 

Happy Mar10 Day! Stay tuned to my social channels for more MAR10 Day content!

What do you think of this news? Let me know in the comments!

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