Saturday, March 9, 2024

Happy MAR10 DAY! LEGO Super Mario Sets Summer 2024 and LEGO Super Mario Kart Coming in 2025

We were all minding our own business when LEGO decided to drop a bombshell! LEGO is expanding the Super Mario line with Super Mario Kart sets.

Screengrab from LEGO's short on YouTube.

Before you get all revved up, the LEGO Super Mario Kart sets will be released in 2025. Bummer. You can score some LEGO Super Mario sets at a discount now until March 11, 2024. Remember that this sale is for LEGO VIP only, so sign up now, it's free and you can earn points for major discounts, sales, and exclusive sets.

If you already have the lot of LEGO Super Mario sets I have listed below, then scroll down to the see the three new LEGO sets officially shared on LEGO's website. What a nice surprise this MAR10 day!

To celebrate MAR10 Day, let's dive into some awesome LEGO Super Mario sets you should grab before they speed off of the shelves. Contains affiliate links!

LEGO® Super Mario™ Adventures with Mario Starter Course

You cannot enjoy the magic of LEGO Super Mario without the Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course. $59.99 | 231 pieces | Ages 6+ 

Don't forget to get his brother's set as well!

LEGO® Adventures with Luigi Starter Course $59.99 | 280 pieces | Ages 6+

LEGO® Adventures with Peach Starter Course $59.99 | 354 pieces | Ages 6+

LEGO® Super Mario™ Piranha Plant 


$59.99 | 540 pieces | Ages 18+ 


LEGO® Super Mario™ Bowser’s Muscle Car Expansion Set $29.99 | 458 pieces | Ages 8+ 


LEGO® Super Mario™ Yoshi’s Egg-cellent Forest Expansion Set $9.99 | 107 pieces | Ages 6+ 


LEGO® Super Mario™ Dorrie's Sunken Shipwreck Adventure Expansion Set $44.99 | 500 pieces | Ages 7+ 


LEGO® Super Mario™ Diddy Kong's Mine Cart Ride Expansion Set $109.99 | 1157 pieces | Ages 8+

Coming in August 2024 are three new LEGO Super Mario sets! I love the Bowser Express Train!

LEGO® Super Mario™ Battle with Roy at Peach's Castle $64.99 | 738 pieces | Ages 7+

LEGO® Super Mario™ King Boo's Haunted Mansion $94.99 | 932 pieces | Ages 8+

LEGO® Super Mario™ The Bowser Express Train $119.99 | 1392 pieces | Ages 9+

Happy Mar10 Day! Stay tuned to my social channels for more MAR10 Day content!

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