Monday, August 19, 2019

National Orangutan Day PlayMonster The Orangutan Project Save Orangutans

PlayMonster, Wisconsin based toymakers of fun games and toys like Yeti in My Spaghetti, My Fairy Garden, Meltdown, Orangutwang, and Automoblox, has teamed up with The Orangutan Project. PlayMonster is a company that is big on fun and big on the family; their toys are thoughtful and span a range of toys and games for children from birth to big kids! PlayMonster keeps families together with the power of play, and they also want to keep orangutan families together. 

The Orangutan Project spreads awareness, works on conservation, Orangutan rescue, and rehabilitation, provides educational services, as well as forest habitat protection—devoting and dedicating work to conserve the integrity of the beautiful and highly intelligent orangutans. So far, The Orangutan Projects has already funded over $10 million dollars to support conversation projects, protect over 330,000 hectares of forest, as well as care for 200 displaced orphans and infant orangutans. Donations made to The Orangutan Project allow the donor to sponsor an Orangutan through an “adoption” process for as little as $12 per month. You can also donate to preserve the livelihood of orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra. 

“Partnering with The Orangutan Project is a no-brainer for us,” said Lisa Wuennemann, Master Marketing Monster at PlayMonster. “By becoming a sponsor of The Orangutan Project, we’re dedicated to the success of this project and to the beginning of an important conversation, which will lead us to have more orangutans swinging through the trees.”

PlayMonster produces a fun family game, Orangutwang, where you place fruits on the trees, and the first person to make the Orangutan go twang wins (pop off of the tree). The Orangutans need to keep swinging in their own habitats, and The Orangutan Project and companies like PlayMonster help make awareness possible. To support National Orangutang Day, PlayMonster would also like to share their fun game with our followers. Head over to our Instagram to learn how to win the game that helps support awareness and the preservation of these beautiful mammals. 

** The give away has ended! Thank you to all who enter via instagram. This give away was not associated with Google, The Orangutang Project, or Instagram. The prize was furnished by PlayMonster with thanks! **

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