Monday, September 21, 2020

Why You Need This NY ISCREAM Backpack for Every Family Outing and Back to School too!

Looking for the perfect bag to carry everything you need for a family of four or more? Look no further, the NY ISCREAM collection features a wide assortment of functional and high-quality products perfect for teens and even cool moms, like me! 

If you follow me on social media, you may know already about my son Marcello. After his tonsillectomy, he was a completely different person! Long story short, he was diagnosed with PANDAS. I have been so busy with him, and PANDAS parents may tell you how time-consuming and frustrating regular daily activities can be, so imagine throwing in distance learning and a toddler in our new normal? We still try and keep things fresh and happy, even though some days are truly harder than others, so when Marcello was having a good day a couple of weeks ago, we seized our moment and went to the Bronx Zoo! More on our Bronx Zoo experience in another blog post. 

Perfect for school or for a family outing—the Pastel Tie-Dye backpack by iscream holds a ton of stuff and has different compartments to keep items big and small totally secure-think two giant iPads, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, six bottles of water, two battery packs, and snacks. It retails for $73 on the ISCREAM site. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten their backpacks way before I shelled out the cash for a $150 diaper bag. My original diaper that was so narrow, it only held like four diapers and wipes.

Packing for a regular outing with the family pre-pandemic was hard enough. You would think adding in extra masks for the four of us, bottles of hand sanitizers, and travel Clorox wipes would have been as tricky packing experience just for space alone, but it was not! Already, I never had enough room in the diaper bag, now I had to add in extra components that were an absolute must! I did not have to compromise the quantity over quality this trip, because not only did we have a great time, but I was able to pack everything, and I mean everything, neatly in the adorable and ultra-trendy ISCREAM backpack and lunch tote! 

The Pastel Tie-Dye lunch tote was equally as functional and it is slightly larger than a regular lunch box. I was able to keep cool two PB & J sandwiches, four juice boxes, slices of cheese, string cheese, yogurt packs, pudding snacks, spoons, and straws—oh, and an ice pack too! The lunch tote is easy to clean with a wipeable interior, and there is a mesh compartment to put an ice pack. You can shop the full collection featuring an array of products with pastel tones and tie-dye prints to appease any aesthetic. 

I have used backpacks, tote bags, and even large hobo bags to pack my kiddos' snacks and such, but nothing compares to the comfort, quality, and just overall look and feel of this NY ISCREAM backpack! I am totally hooked!

Thank you NY ISCREAM for sending these wonderful products to us!

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