Sunday, November 8, 2020

Retro Toys Funko Mystery Minis Full Case Unboxing + Review

I unboxed the Funko Retro Toys Mystery Minis in my latest video on YouTube. I bought a full case at with the hopes of pulling a complete set. However, that wish was not granted! I have listed the weights of the minis that we got below, so you can try and complete your collection.  

The Funko Retro Toys collection feature toys by Hasbro from our childhoods like GI Joe, Mr. Potato Head, and even board games like Operation. I am so happy we finally have Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Funko Pop!s. It's been a long time coming for these Pop!s, and they did not disappoint. 

Retro Toys Mystery Minis Weights (Case F)

Cavity Sam 

2.1 oz

Cobra Commander 

Still searching

Glo Worm (Target Exclusive)

 2.2 oz

Leatherneck (tan - Target Exclusive) 

 2.2 oz

Leatherneck (green camo) 

2.2 oz

Mr. Potato Head 

2.5 oz

Mr. Potato Head mixed pieces (Target Exclusive)

 still searching

Mrs. Potato Head 

2.5 oz

My Pet Monster

Still searching

Play Doh Pete

Still searching

Shipwreck Sailor GI Joe 

1.9 oz

Snake Eyes 

1.9 oz

Stretch Armstrong still searching

Still searching

Other Retro Toys Mystery Minis Variants

  • Mrs. Potato Head green hat 
  • Mrs. Potato Head mixed pieces 
  • Mr. Monopoly still searching
  • Glo Worm PJs (Target??) 

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