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Movie Review: The Boss Baby: The Family Business Offers Up More Action and Laughs!

The Boss Baby: Family Business -- There's a new boss in town, and she's got a mission for her dad and uncle! 

The Templetons are back with a brand new mission to help save the babies and adulthood as we know it! The Boss Baby: Family Business is available now for digital download, and will be available for purchase on Blu-ray and DVD on September 14, 2021. When you purchase the movie on digital or on Blu-ray or DVD, be sure to check out the new short featuring Precious the pony! 

Universal Access sent me the new film, The Boss Baby: The Family Business for free to review. All opinions are my own! 

Our boys, who are OG Boss Baby fans, having fun with the cool PR box of Boss Baby goodies!

If you're looking for a great family movie to watch, then you have to watch the sequel to The Boss Baby: Family Business. Our family enjoyed the first Boss Baby, so we had high hopes for the sequel. The sequel did not disappoint; it's full of laughs, throwbacks to the original film, and has a lot of heartwarming moments. 

Fans of the original Boss Baby will love seeing throwbacks to original baby characters! In the sequel we learn what happened to Ted's boss baby co-workers  Stacey, Jimbo, and the Triplets! 

Parents, be prepared to shed a tear or two. 

Timothy Templeton has come a long way since saving Puppy Co with his boss baby brother, Ted. Now as adults, they've gone their separate ways; Tim is a stay at home dad raising two daughters Tina and Tabitha, and Ted is a big shot CEO who flies helicopters to each destination. Tina is the Boss Baby who has been prompted to get the old gang back together to investigate the Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood. 

Our youngest planning the next big merger. 

Full Star Studded Cast

Like the first Boss Baby movie, we're taken on a hilarious adventure of a wildly funny police chase, a school full of zombie babies, and a new villain Dr. Armstrong (played by the incomparable Jeff Goldblum). 

Tim and Ted team up to help Tim's boss baby daughter, Tina. Tina, played by Amy Sedaris, is tough like her uncle Ted, played by Alec Baldwin, and she is full of heart like her dad Tim, James Mardsen (Tobey Maguire was the original Tim, which I actually like a lot better). All in all, the dynamic between the actors  was awesome lending to the togetherness and heart and soul of brotherhood. 

As a parent, the premise of the story made me tear up, because Tim's older daughter, Tabitha, is starting to grow up and come into her own as a person. It's a reminder that our children are only children for so long and we should all seize the moment with our kids. Tim's parents also return as older grandparents, played by Jimmy Kimmel (The Man Show) and Lisa Kudrow (Friends), and that even got me teary-eyed, because I always saw their imaginative and playful spirits in my husband and myself, so seeing them as grandparents hit me in the heart.

On a lighter note, The Boss Baby: Family Business will keep your kiddos totally engaged with song, action, and lots of comedic scenes, diverse and funny characters including the debut of Precious, a pony gifted to Tabitha. This is a film worth watching and adding to your family library. Even if you purchased on digital, you get the same benefits as a DVD or Blu-ray, and you can share it across all of your devices. 

The Boss Baby: Family Business is rated PG, and just fun for the whole family. The movie is available now for digital download, and will be available for purchase on Blu-ray and DVD on September 14, 2021.

Buy it at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and more stores that sell your favorite movies by Dreamworks! 

Be sure to check out the merchandise like shirts, books and more featuring your favorite characters from The Boss Baby: Family Business on Amazon!

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