Thursday, February 2, 2023

Toy Reveal: Disney 100 LEGO Brickheadz + More!

Disney 100th Anniversary LEGO sets are starting to roll out February 1, 2023 and beyond. Us Disney fanatics and fans of LEGO are truly in for some magic. 

Released February 1, 2023 - LEGO Brickheadz

Let's start with Brickheadz, but there are many rumored LEGO builds concerning various IPs, like Pixar will be released -- think a Disney Pixar Up build. 

Expect to see packaging featuring the new Disney 100 logo - fairy dust and sparkles!

Disney LEGO Brickheads 100th Celebration #40622 - $39.99 Available now on This set features four iconic characters highlighting the start of The Walt Disney Company with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit introduced in 1927 with the short Trolley Troubles, Steamboat Willie is the introduction of Mickey Mouse in 1928 with the short Steamboat Willie, Snow White was the first Disney Princess from the first ever animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and finally the spokesmodel, Tinkerbell who gives magic to the Disney castle and was introduced in Disney Peter Pan. This release marks historical moments in the Disney timeline, so they are must have additions to your collection!

Check out some more Disney LEGO Brickheadz featuring new Disney characters below. 

Be on the lookout for the following new Disney LEGO Brickheadz that are confirmed to be released March 1, 2023!

Photo via LEGO's Instagram

Back in January, LEGO hinted at a Disney LEGO Minifigure release with their teaser photo on their Instagram. It is rumored that this release will consist of 18 Disney LEGO Minifigures including classic and modern Disney characters like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Sorcerer Mickey with bucket and mop (you may have these pieces if you own the LEGO Disney Castle), Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, Stitch, Queen of Hearts, Prince John, Robin Hood, Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil, Ernesto de la Cruz, Miguel, Baymax, Princess Tiana, Dr. Facilier, Mulan, Pocahantas, and Princess Aurora. I could be wrong - I pulled this list from a site that I often read, The Brick Fan, go and check it out. 

If the Disney LEGO Minifigure release for the 100th Anniversary is true, then we are in for a treat! There is a great mix of villains like Cruella and Evil Queen! I am very excited to have Princess Aurora, but I wish they would release a Chase variant of Aurora wearing her blue dress. This release of the minifigures should be in April or May 2023. Stay tuned here for more news!

Do you love everything Disney? Then check out my blog post dedicated to all of the Disney 100 merchandise coming our way now!

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