Friday, January 3, 2020

New Toy Reveal! Kitten Catfe - the latest in surprise toys!

Welcome to Kitten Catfe, a magical place where kittens run a booming "catfe" full of surprises! Jakks Pacific are the masterminds behind this line, and they truly knocked it out of the litter box! 

Collect the Purrista Girls thoughtfully packaged in coffee cups. The coffee cup holds a world of magic inside, open the lid to find a recipe card, a Purrista Girl poseable doll, an outfit and shoes, and a tea bag with one, two, or three meowbles inside! The meowbles are miniature kitties that are so cute! Drop the tea bag in cold water to reveal your meowables. The coffee cup is sturdy and can be kept to store your Purrista Girl or keep for pretend play. You can also turn the lid upside down and it looks like a fancy kitty cat bathtub, and inside that is a cat bed! There are so many little surprises inside this one, which just makes the toy itself so much fun! The Purrista Girls surprise cups are $9.99 each. 

Then you have the Meowbles Yarn Ball surprise packaged in a whimsical tea cup. Rolled up inside are three colorful ribbons, a cat clip, and a surprise meowble. You get your own DIY bracelet, which is such a nice touch. Meowbles Yarn Ball surprise are just $2.99 each. 

Finally, the scented meowbles plush are softball-sized bundles of cuteness, and they just smell so good! Meowbles Scented Plush dolls are $7.99 each. Collect all six to get a rainbow of colors, yummy scents, and all different adorable expressions.

You will be able to find the new Kitten Catfe toy line in stores this month at Target, Walmart, and Amazon

Thank you so much, Jakks Pacific, for giving us this first look, and for sending us samples for our review!

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