Thursday, November 19, 2020

New Toy Reveal! Monopoly Surprise Collectibles by Basic Fun! Toys Revealed for Monopoly Day!

Happy Monopoly Day! Mr. Monopoly is now in the collectible form with the new Monopoly Surprise boxes! 

Monopoly Surprise by Basic Fun! Toys will be available in early December exclusively at Walmart. Perfect for game enthusiasts and mystery toy surprise fans—Monopoly Surprise is the ultimate “Collect, Play, and Display” experience! 

Packaged in a cube, collectors will be able to peel, reveal, and unbag five surprises from each familiar Monopoly game image. The perforation outlines a specific game detail from Monopoly like the railroad or the Monopoly money sign. There are 20 new tokens to collect in Monopoly Surprise that can also be used as game pieces for the regular board game. Collectors will love the hunt because there are even chase tokens in select cubes. With six unique cubes to collect, those holiday stockings will be filled with a unique and fun gift this year! 

There are six different cubes to collect, 20 collectible tokens including chase tokens, and colorful collectible coins! Each sold separately at $5.97 each. In stores at Walmart on December 7 for Monopoly fans classic and new! 

Stay tuned for my video on YouTube, and you get a first look on Tik Tok or Instagram!

Thank you to Basic Fun! Toys for including us in this launch!

Will you be adding Monopoly Surprise to your holiday shopping list? See this toy and more products on my 2020 PLR Holiday Play List!

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