Tuesday, March 30, 2021

6 Practical Gifts that Kids Need and Actually Want this Spring 2021!

My mom always said clean hands are happy hands! I never really understood the meaning, but now as a parent myself, my kids are always happy when their hands aren't sticky and covered in marker. Since COVID, we are all a little more aware of what we come into contact with, so I have rounded up my favorite necessities that are also perfect gifts! 

Let's start with sparkly chompers! Yes, teeth brushing is a bit of a chore, but is it really a chore when you use a BriteBrush toothbrush? BriteBrush promotes healthy brushing all while experiencing the fun of songs and games! You can keep your BriteBrush base and when it's time for a new toothbrush, replace the head. Not only is this economical but environmentally friendly too. Choose the basic BriteBrush design or opt for Sesame Street Elmo! BriteBrush $19.99 Ages 3+

I have the ultimate parent hack! Encourage kids to wash their hands by using Splatz by One Fun Co.! My sons love Splatz,  not only do you get kids pumped about handwashing, but they also will love to squeeze the Splatz ball. It also makes great slime! Splatz are bubbles of soap that burst open revealing enough soap for a fun hand washing session! Proudly made in the USA, Splatz is made with all-natural biodegradable ingredients, has eco-friendly packaging, and it’s just fun—it really turns those 20 seconds of handwashing into a thrill! The squishy shell is made of algae so it’s septic safe. If your septic is sensitive, you can grab it and throw it away. You get so much bang for your buck as each 10 oz jar comes with 50 Splatz equal to 50 washes! Every sale supports Your Mom Cares! One Fun Co. $13.99

Crazy Aaron's Hyepercolor Foaming Soap is a great alternative for older kids who still need a little extra help in the handwashing department. Crazy Aaron's Foaming Soap has Hypercolor technology that changes color when your hands are squeaky clean! Available in three different scents: Strawberry, Apple, and Berry! Crazy Aaron's $6.00

Masks! I'll be honest, I am not a fan, but really, who is? My kids, especially, do not like masking up, but it is the only way to play safe when around others. Thankfully, Just Play Products, a notable toymaker, created the comfiest masks for kids. Not only are they comfortable to wear and keep kids safe all play day long, but they are also pretty fashionable, too. Available in multiple licenses like Ryan's World, Hot Wheels, Barbie, Trolls, and more! You can also opt for plain ones or ones with neat prints like camouflage or tie-dye! The small ones are perfect for toddlers, and the large ones are great for little kids to tweens. My kids never complain when they're wearing masks by Just Play. Well, my youngest complains, but he is also three years old and from planet Toddler. Just Play, Target, $17.99

Snap Style Printable Mask Kit by Skyrocket Toys are the answer for teens who love to show off their aesthetic. Make your own mask in a snap! Simply design your own mask using the free app and print your image on the special percale paper, assemble the mask in minutes. The DIY masks are easy to make, totally customizable, and they also comply with W.H.O. guidelines. Available in select Walmart stores. Buy on Amazon $39.99 10-pack $17.99 4-pack Ages 3+

Chargetab doesn't keep your kids clean, but they will keep you safe! Chargetab gives parents peace of mind! Don't lose that connection with your kids, especially teens! When the weather does become warmer, don't expect your teens to stay home for long. Keep them always connected to you with extra battery life with ChargeTab. Parents, for some peace of mind and a no-excuses way to stay connected, ChargeTab is the way to go and the perfect pocket-sized battery packs! They are sold in packs for multiple kiddos or you can purchase them as a single pack. Chargetab, 3-pack $19.99/6-pack $24.99/10-pack $54.99 | Home Depot $5.97 each

What else do you think kids would love that is totally practical yet awesome this year? Comment down below!

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