Tuesday, March 30, 2021

10+ Best Easter Gift Ideas that Promote Easter EGGcercise | Awesome Gifts to Get Kids Moving This Spring 2021!

Easter is around the corner, so is spring break, and so is summer, and then summer break- yikes! Let's get these kids moving and grooving to prep for summer now!

Easter is a spiritual time, and it is also a fine time to introduce some new toys to help get your kids ready to move for some summer fun!

Pop2Play is a new and exciting imaginative toy that stretches the limit of its uses! We tested out the Pop2Play Sunny Slide, which is already sold out on Amazon, this toy is the best! It's a part of a whole line of incredible playsets that are made of recycled cardboard, unfolds and re-folds flat for easy storage, and is perfect for busy toddlers up to 50 lbs (22.6 kg)! WowWee, Pop2Play Slides Rainbow or Sunny | Amazon $29.99 

More Gift Ideas from Pop2Play by WowWee

Pop2Play Kitchen Amazon $39.99 

Pop2Play Car Amazon $24.99

Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Tic Tac Toss is a fun and versatile way to play timeless games of Tic Tac Toe! Aim carefully to toss your character disc to tic toe spot, and get three in a row to win! This game folds up flats and stores easily for future play -- indoors and out! Jakks Pacific, Target $19.99 Ages 3+ 

Also, try Paw Patrol Tic Tac Toss and help the pups from Adventure Bay get three in a row! This is the perfect gift this year to get kids pumped for the new Paw Patrol movie that is coming out soon! Jakks Pacific, Target, $19.99

DuoTone Light Up Hoops by Kess are the perfect way for kids to get moving! Available in two sizes -- one perfect for toddlers and the other for little kids, teens, and adults. While you give the hoop a twirl it lights up like a carnival! It's so fun to use at night, and I can imagine many summer nights whirling and twirling with these hoops! Kess.co $7.99 Ages 6+

Also, try out Kess Ice Hoops that emit icy colors while you whirl and twirl! Kess, Walmart $5.99 Ages 6+

Drop Dot Jump Rope is flashy and fun and will provide plenty of playtime exercise! With tactile rope handles, it makes this experience sensory-filled as well! Kess, Amazon $8.99 Ages 6+

Also, try out Kess Squishy Cuties Jump Rope for squishy handles and the same exhilarating feeling of jumping free! Kess $11.99 Ages 6+

Drop Dot Light Up Ball by Kess is a unique way to play catch as each ball includes tactile stretchy tendrils all around the ball! For an added dose of whimsy, the Drop Dot balls light up, too! Kess.co $14.99 Ages 6+

Drop Dot Dice by Kess will add an extra sensory layer to board games! For use indoors or out, stretch the Drop Dots and squish the cube! We played with them inside and worked on our Maths skills while it rained outside. Kess.co 2-pack $12.99 Ages 6+

Also, try the Kess Mini Pack of Drop Dots for smaller, bouncier play! Kess, Amazon $9.99

Ice Ribbon Twirler by Kess will give new meaning to dance routines! Add some sparkle and pizazz to Tik Toks and Reels all while shining a light on your talent! The Ice Ribbon Twirler also looks great outside at night! Kess.co $5.99 Ages 6+

Also, try the Ice Pom Poms by Kess, each pom pom has iridescent streamers and intricate pearlized handles! Perfect for cheerleaders in training! Kess.co $5.99 Ages 6+

Skyviper Fury Stunt Drone is a fun way to get the whole family involved! Take out this bad boy to your nearest park with plenty of space to roam! Skyrocket ToysTarget | Walmart $39.99 Ages 12+

Also, try the Skyviper Nano Drone if you need something smaller! Use this little whip indoors for non-stop fun! My son got this for Christmas and it literally is the best mini drone ever! Skyrocket Toys, Target $19.99

Bubbles are a great way to get kiddos bouncing around! The best bubbles we have used outside are the Wowmazing line by South Beach Bubbles! I cannot wait to play with these this summer as the blow-up to be humungous by using the Wowmazing Bubble Wand! With different varieties to choose from like Unicorn, Space, Winter, and more there is something for everyone this season and beyond! Proudly made in the USA! South Beach Bubbles, Amazon $14.95 Ages 6+

Thrilling to ride and maintenance-free, the Mobo Explorer Balance Bike by Mobo Cruiser is just the ticket for your kiddo to hone gross motor skills and have a blast at the same time! Mobocruiser $89.99 Ages 2-6 

Chargetab gives parents peace of mind! Don't lose that connection with your kids, especially teens! When the weather does become warmer, don't expect your teens to stay home for long. Keep them always connected to you with extra battery life with ChargeTab. Parents, for some peace of mind and a no-excuses way to stay connected, ChargeTab is the way to go and the perfect pocket sized battery packs! They are sold in packs for multiple kiddos or you can purchase them as a single pack. Chargetab, 3-pack $19.99/6-pack $24.99/10-pack $54.99 | Home Depot $5.97 each

What do you think of my picks?! Let me know what you're getting in the comments below!
Happy Easter! 

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