Monday, March 22, 2021

New! Pixar Minis All-Star Rivals by Mattel Wave 1 and Sneak Peek at Wave 2! Full Codes for Wave One!

Shopping at Target, I found the new Pixar All-Star Rivals Minis! My friend Dan the Pixar Fan mentioned them on his Instagram a few days prior, and I had to find them! This collection includes newcomers to the Pixar Minis line like Spud, Stinky Pete, and Darla! Overall, I love the new series! The best part is ... drum roll -- they ALL stand up! Even Woody with his polyvinyl hat can stand perfectly. This is a first for me.

Even Darla with her top-heavy head stands with ease!

This collection features movies from Disney Pixar like Toy Story 1, 2, 4, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Monster's Inc. I found it curious that they left out Toy Story 3. I surmised that Mattel probably didn't want to include Lotso since they did that already in a previous Minis series. They could have at least added Stretch vs Buzz or even Ken vs Buzz. That's just me!

Randall from Monster's Inc. has translucent body parts to show him disappearing into the scenery, which is a nice touch! The next collection will feature Randall in full form, along with figures from Coco, The Incredibles, Up, and Monster's Inc (Boo vs Randall!). I am poor pumped for the next wave as it also includes Syndrome vs. Mr. Incredible! I believe they will be out in May.

Wave 2 Pixar Minis All-Star Rivals 

Here are the codes for All-Star Rivals wave one. You can also check out the full unboxing video on my YouTube channel!

  1. A-Sully
  2. B-Flik
  3. C-Woody
  4. D-Buzz
  5. E-Stinky Pete
  6. F-Spud
  7. G-Benson
  8. H-Nemo
  9. I-Randall
  10. J-Darla
  11. K-Hopper
  12. L-Bo

What do you think of the new All-Star Rivals? Let me know in the comments!

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