Friday, August 20, 2021

The Tooth Fairy Collection--Kids and Parents Can Celebrate This Milestone Together! Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!

Take the guess work out of a visit from The Tooth Fairy with the new The Tooth Fairy Collection! When your child loses their first tooth, it's such a magical moment! The Tooth Fairy Collection is a set that includes keepsake items to make this milestone moment a memorable and magical one for children and parents! From a beautifully written storybook, a neat pouch, and elegant filigree decorated vault to keep the teeth safe are all The Tooth Fairy approved! I love giving keepsake gifts for Baby Shower gifts, so this is now added to my list of gifts to buy for parents-to-be! 

The magic and wonder of The Tooth Fairy started out with playful ads in the 1920s directed to kids to keep clean and tidy with the wave of a fairy wand! Then in the late1920s, Esther Watkins Arnold brought life to the The Tooth Fairy through her whimsical play of the same name. The magic and wonder of a fairy trading in a freshly lost tooth for a prize enchanted the children of the nation! The tradition has carried over for nearly a hundred years and now The Tooth Fairy Collection is making this tradition even more magical, and actually a lot more easier for parents!

My older son has lost five teeth since the pandemic began, so The Tooth Fairy visited us four times (he lost two teeth in one day recently!), and I have to tell you, I was busy! You see, parents work for The Tooth Fairy! From glitter notes, tiny glitter footprints, and a plastic case to hold these bones, I am running out of ideas! Thankfully, The Tooth Fairy Collection put together a beautiful package that is classy and useful! With an elegant vault to hold your child's treasured teeth, a storybook to read together, and even a pouch to keep the tooth safe!

To use The Tooth Fairy Collection set is so simple and fun, have your child place their lost tooth in the special pouch and then place it underneath their pillow at bedtime. Keep track of lost teeth and even fun facts about your child on the Keepsake pages of the book; I like to write down how my child lost their tooth! Read the storybook, "A Visit from the Tooth Fairy" before bedtime, and make it a tradition each time their tooth is lost! The storybook is written in poetic form and is a way to encourage a positive experience of losing a tooth! The Tooth Fairy arrives while they sleep, will then move their precious tooth for safekeeping inside the opulent vault that can also be personalized using the included sticker.

The pouch has a suede-like texture with the embroidered logo of The Tooth Fairy Collection!

The vault is beautifully decorated with filigree and even has slots for each tooth that is lost!

With The Tooth Fairy Collection, parents and children can celebrate this tradition and milestone together! This limited-edition Collection includes three beautiful elements to make the experience even more exciting and memorable:

  • An enchanting Storybook for families to read together before bedtime
  • A special Pouch which holds the tooth while they wait for a visit from The Tooth Fairy
  • An opulent Vault to store the tooth for safekeeping 
You can purchase this keepsake set for Baby Showers, Birthdays, or even as a gift when your child loses their first tooth for $50 on The Tooth Fairy Collection website! It will be a gift that will keep on giving; as you will definitely use it 20 times!

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