Thursday, November 4, 2021

Review of Disney On Ice: Mickey's Search Party Back in the New York Area November 2021!

Disney On Ice Mickey's Search Party was a blast! Would we go again? Spoiler alert: YES! Don't stop reading yet; I have some great tips for when you go to Disney On Ice with the kids and even a coupon code  to save some cash for Disney On Ice Presents Mickey's Search Party at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York! Read on! 

It was so awesome to see Mickey Mouse in our neck of the woods!

Thank you to Disney On Ice for hosting us at the Prudential Center to watch the first performance of Mickey's Search Party!                                         

First, let's talk Disney On Ice Mickey's Search Party -- it was amazing! From start to finish, we were all captivated by the performances of the figure skaters and acrobats. This production was a fully immersive experience, and with a little Disney magic and with help from the audience, we were on a our way to about two hours of Disney and Pixar fun! For the perfect early Christmas, holiday, or even a birthday gift -- this show is a must! 


Our sons had so much fun! Our four year old son, Rocco, was a scared at first, but after a few familiar numbers he was singing and dancing! When the show ended and when the houselights went on, he was so upset. He did not want our evening to end!

Our eight year old son, Marcello, loved the acrobatics and ice skating, and really appreciated the artistry. Plus seeing Mickey Mouse was pretty awesome too! 

My husband and I enjoyed every moment too! Even though, I am a huge Disney fan and I have been to Disney On Ice (like 25+ years ago), I viewed the showed through a different lens - as a mom, as a Disney mom, and as a frugal mom, so I have so awesome tips - including what to expect (without giving too much away), what to bring, COVID-19 precautions, and more! Let's dive right in!

First things first, let's save some cash!

Disney On Ice Mickey's Search Party visits Newark, NJ Prudental Center from November 3-7, 2021 and Brooklyn, NY Barclays Center from November 10-14, 2021. Save 20% on tickets for the Brooklyn shows with promo code: EMDS2X!

What to Expect During the Show

The show opens with hosts Isabella and Alex who opened the show by introducing Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald! Isabella and Alex's enthusiasm set the stage for the rest of the night preparing us for our mission - to help release Tinker Bell from the evil clutches of Captain Hook's crew. With each scene and story unfolding, the Magic Meter fills up giving more power to Tinker-Bell to become free. Mickey and friends along with co-hosts, Isabella and Alex, ask the audience to help out throughout the show, and if you're lucky to be seated in front of stage left or stage right, be prepared to interact with the performers. 

Throughout the show, we watched scenes from Disney and Pixar films like Toy Story, Moana, Aladdin, Frozen, Coco, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast. 

Captain Hook, Snow White and Dopey, and even Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder made appearances. Each scene is matched with two memorable songs from each film, and each number brought down the house!

Coco was a joy to watch with the acrobats that climbed up and danced atop a pole - it was mesmerizing! 

Belle and the Castle Maids Soaring Above the Ice!

Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid scenes were absolutely breathtaking with the ribbon dancing and flying above the ice, it was just dreamy, and of course, I was in tears. 

Stunning choreography with Ariel from The Little Mermaid

The Toy Story scene featuring the Green Army Men was phenomenal with their choreographed ice skating.

Moana was so much fun! Not only did Moana and Maui sing their hit songs How Far I'll Go and You're Welcome, but Te Ka made an appearance engulfing the whole stage! It was mesmerizing, and could be a show in itself. 

There are Disney and Pixar music and scenes that the kids (and event their parents) will recognize! My husband and I were singing along to every song, and I can safely say that every other Disney adult was singing along with us. 

The show started at 7:05 PM with Mickey Mouse and the crew dancing and skating! We were walking back to our car at 8:52 PM. 

Disney On Ice Presents Mickey's Search Party is fun for the whole family!

I highly recommend the show for families - it is entertaining, and just a fun atmosphere! Check out my tips and tricks to making your night a memorable one with the kids by adding a little bit of fun without breaking the bank.

At the venue, you can purchase souvenirs, themed fruity frozen beverages in souvenir cups, and there was also kid-friendly food. Half way through the show is a 15 minute intermission allowing for plenty of time for a potty break and to pick up food. At the Prudential Center, there are certain food kiosks that allow for mobile ordering so you can be back at your seat in just moments. My husband went to pick up food during the intermission, and he did not take advantage of mobile ordering, and he was still back at the seats with at 10 minutes to spare - it was that efficient!

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