Thursday, July 27, 2023

New Pokémon Obsidian Flames TCG, Playsets, Books, and More at The Toy Insider Sweet Suite 2023!

Pokémon fans! Get ready for some Pokémon goodness! 

The Pokémon Company was at The Toy Insider’s annual summer party, Sweet Suite. Each year the hottest toy companies join up for a massive event in NYC, and we got to see a lot of the cool new products on display and for play! 

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The Pokemon Company at Sweet Suite 2023

The Pokémon Company was our first stop, and we were able to play a very easy version of Pokémon TCG geared toward new players. For fall 2023, Pokémon is releasing a new collection called the My First Battle collection. We played in the Pokemon Play Lab a game of PokéCatch and Catch & Attack. The new My First Battle sets will give younger Pokémon fans the opportunity to master the TCG! The sets will roll out September 29, 2023, with two different versions: Pokémon TCG My First Battle Pikachu and Pokémon TCG My First Battle Charmander. I have been playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game since 1998, and I am stoked for this easier way to play for the little ones. 

GameStop, Inc.

Legend In Real Life

My fourteen-year-old self was swooning with delight as I got to meet Snorlax in person! Snorlax was there in person to unveil Pokémon Sleep, a revolutionary way to sleep paired with the new Pokémon Go+! Measure your sleep and get woken up by Pikachu to start a productive day. Your sleep will have an impact on your Pokémon Go game, so keep this in mind. There is a chance to play with the new Pokémon Go+ and encounter a sleeping Snorlax wearing a nightcap.  Pokémon Go+ is available at GameStop, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy for $54.99.

Pokémon Primers Press is a great collection of starter books for little ones giving a colorful array of Pokémon characters featuring Water, Fire, and Grass Pokémon. This book is colorful and is full of Pokémon-themed information. There’s even information on how to properly pronounce Pokémon’s names. I love the lift flaps and the high-quality books because these are great gifts for new Pokémon loving parents. 

Pokemon Obsidian Flames is the latest expansion of the Scarlet and Violet era. This collection features 15 ex cards and beautiful TERA cards of treasured Pokémon. You can watch unboxing videos of the latest Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames on our Youtube Channel now! Available August 11, 2023, and available for preorder now on Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Target, Best Buy, and local comic book shops. 

Pokémon 151 will release on September 22, 2023, and will feature all of the original Kanto Pokémon beautifully illustrated throughout each pack. Pokémon 151 celebrates the Kanto region and gives trainers new and old a new perspective on the original 151 Pokémon that started it. Trainers can collect a stunning Binder Collection, Elite Trainer Box, Booster Bundle (so happy for this one!), Ultra Premium Collection, and more!

My girl Chansey finally got some love with the MEGA Forest Pokémon Center set. This set is perfect and has moving parts inside. All we need is a Nurse Joy, and all will be right in the land. Retails for $79.99 and is coming out soon!

Sprigatito Plush and accessories will be available from the Build-a-Bear Workshop! This plush is so cute and will have an exclusive cap available only on Build-a-Bear's website. You can visit Build-a-Bear now to create your own Sprigatito, or order it online now for $55.00. 

MEGA Motion Charizard celebrates the ferocity and strength of this Pokémon! It moves beautifully but was hard to capture while holding the camera, so when you see our video just note that the video does not do it justice. It moves seamlessly like the MEGA Pikachu set. You can add this to the Pikachu and Buterfree sets to round out your collection. Retails for $139.99 and is coming soon. 

The latest collection of Pokemon shows how much Pokemon has evolved as a whole over the past 25 years. It's not just a trading card company, it's a lifestyle.

What's your favorite from this line up? Let me know in the comments below!


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