Friday, January 19, 2024

Toy Reveal! All New Bluey Toys for 2024! Bluey Valentine's Day Gift Guide Round Up! {{Affiliate Links}}

The widely acclaimed and beloved show, Bluey, has pulled on the heartstrings of Aussies to Americans! The television show is wonderful, heartwarmingly funny, and relatable, and the merchandise is equally awesome!

New Bluey toys are hitting the shelves for 2024, and "they are BEAUT-I-FUL!" From playsets to pretend play toys made of wood to dining to craft kits, I have rounded up all of the latest to add to your growing Bluey collections. 

As a mother of two Bluey fans, I can safely say that this list includes a lot of must-haves that would make great gifts for birthdays, graduation gifts, or even for Valentine's Day. I am smitten with the new wooden playsets by Moose Toys! I love how each set takes scenes from specific episodes like Fancy Restaurant with the Dining Set and Fancy Restaurant Set. Horizon Group USA has a wonderful collection of Bluey-themed crafts to help your little one stay inspired and busy, which is why I love their Bluey Sensory Bin that is chock full of items to help support sensory play.

This post contains affiliate links. Please shop through at no cost to you and help support a mum!

Ice Cream Shop, Moose Toys, $14.99 | Amazon

Farmer’s Market, Moose Toys, $14.99 |  Amazon

Bluey Aliens Figure Pack, Moose Toys, $10.99 | Amazon

Baby Race Figure Pack, Moose Toys, $10.99 | Amazon

Fire Truck, Amazon, Moose Toys, $24.99 | Amazon

Have you watched the latest Bluey episodes on Disney+? Leave a comment with your favorite episode. My favorite is Dragon. 

Hammerbarn, Moose Toys, $79.99 | Amazon Exclusive

BBQ Salad Set, Moose Toys, $29.99 | Amazon 
Fancy Restaurant Dining Set, Moose Toys, $39.99 | Amazon

Fancy ine-In Set, Moose Toys, $14.99 | Amazon 

Picnic Set, Moose Toys, $14.99 | Amazon

Tea Set, Moose Toys, $14.99 | Amazon

Stretchy Bluey (goo jit zu style), Moose Toys, $13.99 | Amazon

Stretchy Bingo, Moose Toys, $13.99 | Amazon

Ceramic Bluey Bank, Jay Franco, $24.99 | Amazon

Bluey Stackable Snack Containers, Whiskware, $14.99 | Amazon

Bluey Paint & Play Tea Party Set, Horizon Group USA, $14.99 | Amazon

Bluey Sensory Bin, Horizon Group USA, $19.99 Amazon

Bluey Walkie Talkies, e-Kids, $19.99 | Amazon

Bluey Wooden Stacking Game, Moose Toys, $9.99 | Amazon

Keep Uppy Game, Moose Toys, $19.49 | Amazon

Bluey & Bingo Throw Blanket with Playhouse Gift Box, Jay Franco, $27.99 | Amazon

What's your favorite item(s) from my list? Let me know in the comments!

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