Saturday, November 25, 2023

LuminoCity Light Festival Returns to Long Island With Wonder Journey

Long Island is even brighter once again! LuminoCity returns with the 2023 Holiday Lights Festival, Wonder Journey, at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, New York. The festival is running now through Jan. 7, 2024, from Thursdays through Mondays from 4:30 to 9:30 PM. 

Who doesn't love a light display, especially a light show so rich in theming and storytelling? 

LuminoCity Wonder Journey boasts a colorful and bright display of scenes and characters telling the stories of the beloved story of Alice in Wonderland, an underwater theme through the lens of the Long Island Children's Museum, and the wondrous journey ends in a rich display of Christmas and winter flair that will delight guests young and old. 

Visiting LuminoCity Wonder Journey should be added to your list of things to do on the weekends leading up to the holiday, or take the kids during the Christmas break. You can reserve your tickets now! 

The offer ends on November 29, 2023

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Highlights of LuminoCity Wonder Journey in Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, New York

  • Alice in Wonderland will give guests the chance at their very own golden afternoon where they will encounter scenes from straight from the pages of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Get advice from the caterpillar while you are enchanted by the tendrils of the illuminated "smoke" from his hookah to being a guest at the Mad Hatter's tea party -- there is plenty to see and experience. The conclusion to this leg of your journey will end with a meeting with the Queen of Hearts, but you may be able to slide out of there quickly.

  • Underwater Oasis is a collaboration with the Long Island Children's Museum where children were asked to create their own sea creatures. Walking through this section will take you under the sea where creatures of the water deep illuminate the pathways. Journey through the various lagoons to see glowing jellyfish, dolphins, a giant crab, and more. 

  • Holiday Village and Winter Blossom Pathway includes a festive array of jolly creatures from gingerbread people to adorable penguins to larger-than-life illuminated trees. Christmas ornaments adorn the trees lighting the way above you as well. There are plenty of photo ops for the perfect Christmas card!

  • Don't forget to visit the gift shop to commemorate your visit to LuminoCity Wonder Journey!

There are two additional holiday festivals in new markets. First in Montgomery County, PA which will be themed a ‘Golden Holiday’ at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks from Nov.17, 2023, to Jan. 15, 2024, and the other in Montgomery County, MD which will be themed ‘Bay State Blissfest’ at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, running from Nov. 24, 2023, to Jan. 15, 2024

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman shared his joy of the return of LuminoCity to Einsenhower Park at a recent private event. 

"I am thrilled to welcome back LuminoCity's Holiday Lights Festival in Nassau County's Eisenhower Park for the 2023 winter season. This breathtaking exhibit and art spectacular attracts tens of thousands of visitors from across Long Island and gives a nice boost to our local economy. Whether you're a Nassau resident or just visiting with friends and family, I invite everyone to check out this one-of-a-kind family fun experience and explore our vibrant downtown areas."


For more information, including ticket sales and festival details, visit 


About LuminoCity Festival  

LuminoCity stands out as a truly integrated light-art brand that takes the creative journey from concept to design, manufacturing, and marketing collaboration under one roof. We are not just an ordinary light festival; we are a creative powerhouse. Our diverse team, inspired by traditional Chinese lantern history and culture, blends their unique backgrounds to produce contemporary art that transforms imaginative ideas into captivating works of light and color. We proudly bring LuminoCity Festival to more and more communities, underlining our commitment to brightening the lives of local families with a visionary artistic touch. Annual festivals include: LuminoCity’s Holiday Lights, and Dino Safari, with more to come. For more information, visit


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