Friday, December 20, 2019

Bluey Dolls and Figures Coming to the US in 2020

photo credit: Moose Toys

It's almost time, folks! Parents and children fell in love this year with the hit Australian kids' show, Bluey, that was aired on Disney Junior in the fall of 2019, originally in 2018 on ABC Kids in Australia. My family and I love sincerely love Bluey and of course, as a toy collector, I went searching to find out who would be the toymaker for this amazing show. Well, I am pleased to report that Moose Toys is the toy master for this heartwarming, funny, and just adorable show! Aussies got a peek at this line in November 2019, and now the US and the rest of the world will be able to enjoy Bluey and Bingo and the rest of the Heeler family in toy form! 

Bluey toys aren't out yet, but you can search for the latest toddler and little kids toy on my gift guide! Check it out, and then come back here to learn about the toys coming out for Bluey!

Small Plush Bingo by Moose Toys

Since Bluey is such an imaginative show, there is a world of possibilities for toys and I sincerely hope Moose Toys captures this creativity within their toy line. So far the initial release is two sizes of plush dolls each including both adorable sister Bluey and little sister, Bingo Heeler - get them in large sizes, too. There is also a figure pack featuring the immediate Heeler family: Bandit (loveable and scruffy Dad), Chilli (fun-loving and kindest mummy), Bluey (imaginative and curious little six-year-old), and Bingo (dreamy, fantastical, adorable four-year-old little sister). 

Large Plush shown.

The small plush toys are $15 each in Australia. The large plush range is $35 each in Australia. The figure pack in Australia retails for $22. 

Play along with me, Bluey fans! I am going to hark back to my old days of product development and pretend to be a toymaker at Moose Toys! Here is my ultimate Bluey toy wish list! Comment below and add in your ideas, too! Sure, adding in toys to recreate moments from the show seems a little redundant since the show is really based off of learning life lessons through play, I just thought it would be fun. Plus, I am tired of writing gift guides! Hah! I asked my six-year-old son, Marcello, for some insight.

  • Magic Xylophone - I hope to see a Magic Xylophone - sure a regular toy xylophone would suffice and that's the whole point with the Bluey episode of the same name. However, a Bluey themed xylophone would be a hit!
  • Grannies Playset - Here come the Grannies! Wouldn't it be adorable to have a little playset with some dress-up clothes including those amazing glasses and a guide to flossing - the dance, not the dental tool? Kids can be Janet and Rita and run over everything in sight in their play car! Add in a can of beans in that set, and it will be a hit!
  • Blind Packs - We need some mystery packs, and Moose Toys would be perfect to do it. Look at their Real Littles Shopkins for crying out loud, it's amazing! I am imagining different accessories to facilitate pretend play and figures of course! I would package them in fun containers like a shopping trolley, a toy box, take away box, a backpack, and a yoga ball!
  • Bob Bilby - We all need a Bob Bilbey doll. This episode of the same name is dear to me. The exact same experience with my son's nursery class doll happened to us. Our photos were basically of us doing nothing. When I realized our error, we made a mad dash of play for Bob Bilby. Thankfully, Marcello only remembers the moments where we actually did stuff with his nursery class friend, Cupcake the Bear.
  • Bluey Play-sets - Marcello said he would like to see play-sets of their house and figures like Calypso would be for the school. 

Adults Pretend, too!

Fans of the show I think would share thoughts on this wish list as each toy represents different play moments of Bluey and Bingo, which mimics our lives as families every day, which is why the show Bluey is so wonderful. Families relate to these "wacky kid" moments, and some parents go along with it and conform (ie, Bandit becoming a mountain and cave to explore in the episode, Blue Mountains), or even balloons from parties that become playthings in which mum, Chilli, starts the game Keepy Uppy in the episode of the same name. Again, this is why I find Bluey so endearing and magical, because it's my life on screen. With little kids, every day should be a day of play, and I think Bluey is the show that will go down in history for children to be inspired and for parents to learn from, too. 

I would imagine the toys will be out in February or April 2020. Once I find out, I will report back here, so please subscribe to my blog to stay up to date! For now, parents can take their kids to the Bluey website where there are fun Bluey-themed crafts for kids!

If you haven't watched Bluey yet and you're outside of Australia, you can find it on Disney Junior and all of the episodes are available on the Disney Now app. In Australia, it airs on ABC Kids. Parents can also enjoy the thoughtful breakdown of each episode by two Aussie mums, Gotta Be Done - Bluey Podcast. It's unreal how many teachable moments are on this show -- from learning the value of "dollar bucks" to bringing the "boring" stuff to the pool. This is also why Bluey is so relatable - there are just so many levels of parenting, so many levels of child-rearing, and just so many levels of exhaustion. That last part, for real, I'm so tired that I just submit to my children's every whim. Listening to two mums who "get it" keeps me sane...right? 

My wishlist was just for fun, and I was just playing toymaker! Creating Bluey themed sets would be welcomed, but they will also not wholly represent the imagination and creativity that Bluey and Bingo illustrate in each episode.

That being said, I can't wait to see what Moose Toys creates; 2020 is going to be awesome for Bluey fans throughout the world! New York Toy Fair, I hope you have Bluey! I'll be there!
Happy 2020, all!


  1. Can`t wait for the release of these toys Bluey is on e of my favorite shows. I hope the quality f the figures will be good.

    1. Hi! I totally agree! Moose Toys is making them, so I know the quality will be great! Their Fortnite figures are very well made. The articulation for the figures is basic from the looks of it, but the plushies look ADORABLE! It's truly or favorite show on Disney Junior - such a heartwarming show. Thank you for your comment! Can't wait to see what you think of them!

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